On a deserted island in the Pacific, surrounded by a crystalline, blue ocean filled with colourful sea life, two Moana Babes find themselves stranded with only each other for company… and the entire 2016 Moana Collection.

Highly anticipated, uniquely designed and eagerly awaited - Paradise Found is a colourful, vibrant, tropical expression of a life lived in and around the ocean.

28 print designs and 6 patterns debut across the Paradise Found collection, while favourite Moana patterns - such as the runch and reversible style bottoms, the adrift pant and the marlin top - remain staples within the range.

Classic Moana patterns combine with exciting and unique prints, ensuring that those new to Moana, and avid Moana Babes alike, will find their paradise in a Moana Bikini.

The entire range is seamless and reversible, providing you with two bikinis in one. Moana Bikini is the original reversible, and still the best.

The Paradise Found collection celebrates every Moana Babe’s desire to live a carefree, fun and active lifestyle, in a bikini that communicates their individuality.

Masterfully photographed by Trent Mitchell and filmed by Asher King, allow yourself to get lost with Moana in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Find your paradise.


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