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The perfect accompaniment to your new Moana Bikini and an essential accessory for your time on the sand.

Ideal for lying, drying, tanning and chilling, our Sea Blankets are big enough for three Moana Babes, bright enough for jealousy-inducing beach sessions and high-quality enough to be your new favourite beach accessory.

  • Giant, 1.6m x 1.6m squares
  • High-quality, 100%, 500 gsm cotton
  • Woven tassels 
  • Bright, vibrant, exclusive Moana prints
  • Doubles as a beautiful picnic blanket

Made and designed by Moana Bikini for the carefree, active girl. Print designs are © Karina Irby 2017.

Fabric Care

  • I like it chilly, so please always wash me in a cold machine wash.
  • I can get motion sick so please put me on a gentle cycle.
  • Don’t put blench on me. It can take away from my vibrate colours.
  • Tumble dry rides are fun but keep the settings on low.

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