Crystalline water.

Tropical temps.

Misty showers.

Balmy nights.

Perfect poses.

Magic made!

One of Moana Bikini’s bestest buddies, also just happens to be one of the world’s most amazing photographers, Mr Trent Mitchell.

Trent has really taken swimsuit, nighttime flash photography to the next level, as evidenced… right here!

Coupled with the amazing Meredith Mickelson, this balmy Bora Bora evening didn’t know what hit it and it was truly a match made in swimsuit heaven!

Masterfully shot by TM, and beautifully captured by filmer Sam Norwood, this year’s FLASH shoot definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The ESCAPE Collection is a colourful, vibrant expression of your escapism fantasy.

ESCAPE features strong, tropically-inspired themes, with allusions to the plants and animals that call your dream locations home.

With bright, bold prints across unique, endemic patterns, the ESCAPE collection is Moana’s largest and most visually captivating collection to date.